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Public transportation is highly regarded by many as a convenient way to travel. For those who choose not to carry the burden of paying for a vehicle, to others who simply are unable to afford the costs, public transportation is used by many to get from one destination to the next. For some, the bus is their sole means of travel and they depend on the individual driving the bus to conduct themselves in a careful manner to protect the lives of the many people who use the bus each and every day.

But what happens when that one day you step foot on the bus, and the driver engages in an accident leaving you injured, unable to work, and with accrued medical bills? Who is to be held liable? A MAX bus attorney in Alabama is someone you want to turn to in the event you have incurred injuries in a bus-related accident. is the most reliable source on the web when it comes to finding and retaining a reputable Alabama bus accident lawyer.


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Whether you have fallen victim to the unfortunate circumstances that were caused due to a third party driver while traveling on the bus, or you were struck by a MAX bus when crossing the street, any sort of incident that was brought on by that form of public transportation is to be taken into account and you are expected to be compensated for the damages brought on. Having a highly experienced bus collision attorney by your side is going to make the world of a difference when it comes time to file for the compensation you are entitled to.

In each state, the statue of limitations varies with personal injury cases such as being harmed in the midst of a public transportation incident, however, most buses are owned by the government, therefore you are limited to a short period of time where you are able to file a valid claim. You do not want to forgo your chance of seeking monetary support for all the suffering that has been brought on simply because you missed the deadline.

While you may have already taken the appropriate steps to receive the proper medical treatment for any injuries inflicted, what about the loss of wages as you may have had to take time off of work?

All of this and more are legitimate damages that may be viable claims used when filing a bus accident lawsuit in Alabama.


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