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Bus Accidents in the State of Arkansas

Car accidents are quite common today and many deaths are attributed to those negligent drivers who fail to practice safety when out on the roadway. But like cars, buses also contribute to the number of accidents that occur on the roads, and when a person is injured as a passenger on a bus, or even a pedestrian who is crossing the street, who is to be held accountable for the damage?

Most buses are owned by the government which means certain laws apply to these types of cases. The CAT is the most commonly used form of public transportation is Arkansas and if you have become a victim to a bus-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether the bus driver displayed carelessness or the crash was the cause of a third party driver, the fact is, who is going to cover the costs of all the accrued expenses you are now faced with?

A bus accident lawyer can answer that as they are highly experienced in situations such as this.


When to Hire a Bus Accident Attorney?

The fact is, riding a bus can be quite dangerous, especially if the driver is not acknowledging the increased duty of care they are expected to exhibit. A driver of a bus is expected to stay cautious and alert as they transport individuals from one destination to the next. When they fail to do so, the government could very well have a bus-related accident lawsuit on their hands.

Whether the injuries you sustained were minor or even quite serious, you want to be reimbursed for any medical costs you may have had to pay out-of-pocket, as well as the emotional suffering you have had to endure. has the potential to get you paired up with a trustworthy and caring bus accident lawyer nearby to you who is ready to take on your case. To gain a better understanding on the featured bus crash law firms in Arkansas, you can read up on their background, the successful verdicts they have reached, and even their mission statements regarding the type of service they provide to their clients.

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Time is of the essence when it comes to filing your bus accident lawsuit. Unlike a personal injury claim, when an incident involves the government, you’re on a constrained time limit to get your claim filed.

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