Did a Bus Accident Bring Upon Injury to You or a Loved One?

Were you involved in a bus accident with a Metro Bus in Miami? Perhaps you were traveling on a Jacksonville Transportation Authority bus when the collision occurred? Regardless of the city you were in, if you were the victim of a bus accident in Florida, USAttorneys.com urges you to seek legal aid from a reputable bus accident law firm in your area today to determine the degree of the injuries and/or damage and derive at a favorable amount to fight for when filing a bus accident lawsuit.

The fact is, our roadways are made up of more than just vehicles, rather, it all depends on the driver behind the wheel and the manner they conduct themselves. While natural causes do contribute to roadway accidents as well, distracted and inattentive driving are generally what cause a collision to occur.

Bus accidents do account for thousands of injury accidents yearly whether a person was traveling on board or simply crossing the street, and knowing who to hold liable to retain coverage for all the damage caused is important. The most efficient way to do so is with the professional and legal assistance a bus accident attorney has to offer.


Let Us Connect You with a Bus Accident Lawyer in Florida Now

When a person is involved in a bus crash, or their property is damaged in the midst of the casualty, there are specific types of damages that can be filed and compensation could be paid out to help you throughout this unfortunate circumstance. Generally, when a bus plays the leading role in an accident, the damage and injury are quite severe as the weight and size is immense.

But how do you determine who is to be held at fault after trying to regroup and recover from being harmed? Although filing a bus accident claim in Florida doesn’t necessarily require the representation a bus accident attorney has to offer, it can be quite beneficial as there are several parties who may be held accountable for causing the accident. Some of them include:

  • The government entity or management company
  • Other negligent drivers on the road
  • The bus driver
  • Equipment manufacturers

A bus accident legal representative is more than capable at surveying the situation, investigating any and all evidence from the collision, determine who a claim or lawsuit can be filed against and just how much your case is worth.


Don’t Delay as Your Timeframe is Limited

Although personal injury lawsuits must be filed within four years from the date of the mishap, when going up against a government entity, your timeframe is significantly decreased. This means you must find and retain a Florida Metrobus accident attorney quickly in order to successfully file your claim.

USAttorneys.com was designed just for that and can help you get connected with the best of the best when it comes to qualified bus accident lawyers in the state of Florida. Speak with one of our agents today and allow them to assist you with your concerns.