Get the Help You Need with Your Bus Accident Case

Has a bus accident left you unable to continue on with your normal day to day activities? Was your vehicle left totaled and you are now trying to recover the costs associated with the accident from the guilty party? If so, you have come to the right place. features some of the best bus accident attorneys within the state of Kentucky who work with clients like you on a constant basis.

Although it may see unclear who is to be held liable for the damages incurred, rest assured, the bus accident lawyers featured on our site know exactly what measures to take to help you seek the justice you are worthy of along with any and all compensation you are entitled to receive.

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The importance of Having a Kentucky Bus Accident Attorney on Your Side

After an accident, there are many forms of damages you may be entitled compensation for, although many individuals struggle to gain them all. Some of these include:

Medical Expenses- The accrued expenses built up from the medical care you received following the accident should not fall on you. The at-fault party, which in most cases is a government entity, should be responsible to cover these costs.

Loss of Wages- Some TANK bus accidents, or any others for that matter, can bring up such severe conditions that you are left unable to work for a few days, or even months.

Pain and Suffering- This is often the most difficult area where it is hard to determine how much your pain and suffering is truly worth, although it should be compensated for.

In order to gain a favorable outcome and the compensation to cover all these areas, you are going to want to hire a bus accident law firm to handle your case.


Filing Your Bus Accident Claim in a Timely Manner

When going up against a government agency, as they are generally in charge of running the public bus transits, you are going to have to abide by their guidelines and timeframe. This is where a Kentucky bus crash lawyer will truly benefit you.

Whether you were riding on an Ashland Bus or OTS, it is important you get your case handled and your claim filed within the allotted timeframe to avoid losing out on your opportunity of gaining the financial support you may need.


We understand the hardship you may have experienced and want nothing more than to see you obtain a successful outcome for your case.