Harmed in the Midst of an MTA Bus Accident?

In the state of New York, many individuals rely heavily on the use of the MTA bus transportation system. The fact is, New York is one of those unique states where owning a vehicle isn’t a necessity as public transportation helps all individuals get to and from their required destination. The issue arises though, when an MTA bus causes an accident and many individuals are impacted by the damage. Not only can this cause destruction to a person’s property or the vehicle they were driving, but also to the passengers who were riding on the bus.

Majority of the time, there are at least 10-20 individuals making their way to their desired destination on the bus and when an accident occurs, many sustain serious injuries as a result.

If you were the victim of a recent bus accident within the state of New York, we want to help you become aware of your rights as a victim and provide you with the resources necessary to obtain legal aid from a skilled and compassionate bus accident lawyer.


Injuries Associated with Bus Crashes

Finding a lawyer is not necessarily going to be difficult, however, it is finding the right bus accident attorney who is going to fight for justice and demand you receive the compensation you require for the damages brought on. A bus accident injury victim can suffer from one or more of the following types of injuries: 

  • Fractures
  • Neck or back injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Paralysis
  • Limb loss
  • Brain trauma
  • Concussion
  • Memory loss
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Deep cuts

So if you are unable to continue in the career you once possessed prior to the accident or you are unable to continue working for an extended period of time, this is one area where compensation is expected to be paid out. Not only that, but don’t forget the accrued medical bills that have piled up as you have constantly been seeking treatment from your health care professional.

Without the input from a resourceful and skilled bus accident lawyer, there is a chance you could lose out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars as you failed to realize what it is you truly were entitled to.

Allow one of our agents to help get you paired up with an acclaimed bus crash law firm within the state of New York who will care for your case in the manner that is expected, and see to it that a favorable outcome is reached.


Get Your Bus Accident Lawsuit Filed Today

Although you may be trying to focus on recovery, the fact is, there is a limited timeframe to get your claim filed within the state of New York. You must also file your bus accident lawsuit with accordance to the rules and guidelines that have been set forth by the government entity who is responsible for the operation of the MTA bus. Therefore, don’t delay. Retain a bus accident attorney who can begin working on your claim immediately.