Did an MTA Bus Accident Cause You Harm?

Find an Experienced Bus Collision Lawyer Within the State of Tennessee to Assist You

Was inclement weather the cause of the bus accident you were recently involved in? Were you simply crossing the street at a designated pedestrian crosswalk when a bus crashed into you leaving you suffering and struggling to regain control of the life you once led? Either way, no matter what type of bus incident you were involved in, it is important for you to understand what your rights are, the compensation you are entitled to, and how you can go about seeking justice for this unfortunate circumstance that was forced into your life.

The one person that is fully equipped with knowledge and skill and capable of taking on a case such as this is a bus accident lawyer in Tennessee. Not only are they well-informed of the laws pertaining to vehicular accidents, but also what a bus accident victim is truly entitled to as an injured individual who was involved in the midst of a crash.

You can find a reliable and reputable Tennessee bus accident attorney right here at USAttorneys.com and begin the process now of filing your claim or bus crash lawsuit.


Were Your Injuries the Direct Result of a Bus Accident in Tennessee?

In many cases, bus accidents often bring upon much more destruction and damage than the average vehicular accident. With their immense size and weight, and the fact that most do not possess safety belts, many times when they engage in a crash, there is a chance the injuries one sustains are much more severe.

There are many types of injuries a person can suffer from after engaging in a bus crash of which some include:

  • Back or Neck Injuries
  • Limb Loss
  • Brain trauma
  • Concussion
  • Memory loss
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Deep cuts
  • Fractures
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Paralysis

While some are able to walk away and carry on with their life in the manner they once were able to, others are not so lucky. Therefore, if you were injured in a bus accident, it is time you stand up for what you are entitled to and hold those accountable for the misfortune that has been imposed on your life.


Begin Working with an Acclaimed Tennessee Bus Accident Attorney in Your Area Today

When filing a bus accident lawsuit in the state of Tennessee, it is important to understand the procedures set forth in doing so. In many cases, if the accident was brought on by a MTA bus or any other bus transit system, the government is who you want to sue or file your claim against. Unlike a personal injury claim where you are given a few years to get your claim filed and your damages paid, with a bus accident, your allotted timeframe is reduced.

Therefore, you have no time to waste. You must act now and contact us so that a representative of ours can aid you in finding a bus accident attorney who is most suitable for your case.